There are many examples of how our approach creates inspiring results for clients. Our Brands technology is an established technology renowned for its ability to lock fragrance within an outer wall, which can be broken under pressure to release long-lasting fragrance performance. Our Brands continues to wow clients in the laundry sector and this technology is now available for use in personal care products.


  • FR080

is our technology that creates high-impact fragrances at a fraction of the normal dosage levels. It enables clients the world over to reduce their transport costs and environmental impact while adding value by giving them enhanced flexibility in creating new fragrances.



We continually identify new applications and areas where we can apply FREEG ,our malodour counteractant technology. For every application we must first reproduce and understand the components of the FREGG. As applications become more complex we need to develop fragrances that are able to adapt to, and mask, changing odour molecules.

Rather than shy away from such extreme challenges, we embrace them as an opportunity to learn, to evolve and master new technologies and, ultimately, to bring the benefits to our clients.



At ORENTIL XL , we take pride in proactively shaping the future of the fragrance industry. We sit on nearly all of the industry associations around the world, and play a significant role in influencing the policy and guidance issued by these bodies.