Fragrances Apps

Fragrances Apps



Personal care is influenced by the fast-paced worlds of fashion and technology. More than any of our other areas of work, it is subject to distinct regional differences. Our commitment to providing local expertise to global clients ensures their products are tailored to the needs and tastes of their consumers.

Our developers and marketing specialists produce new creative concepts and ranges. They have access to our fragrance library, which houses thousands of formulas suited to a huge range of markets. This invaluable tool enables us to provide a constant supply of fresh and exciting fragrances for personal care products, all manufactured under laboratory conditions from the highest quality materials. Technologies such as personal care encapsulation provide further new opportunities for fragrance applications in these products.


  •  Baby lotion
  •  Fine fragrance
  • Creamy baby oil
  • Top bottom wash
  • Odor
  •  Powder house
  • Shampoo
  •  shower gel
  •  Hand sanitizer
  •  Cottontouch



The household fragrance sector is unrecognizable from even a decade ago, thanks to major developments in technology.

Clients look to us for rigorous solutions to the technical challenges posed by constantly evolving consumer demands and fashions. One client may need a fragrance to be stable in a bleach-based product, for example, while another may need a slow-release fragrance for a fabric conditioner.

  • Oven and drain cleaners
  • Laundry powder
  • Floor polish
  • Paint thinners, strippers and removers
  •  Grease and rust removers
  •  Motor oil and fuel additives
  •  Arts and craft supplies
  • Polished glass
  •  air freshener
  • Tissue paper
  •    Dishwashing liquid
  • Antiseptics
  • Powder washing powder
  •   Liquid washing powder
  • Deodorant
  • Shower Gel
  • Hair Gel
  •  Wrinkle Removal Cream
  •  Cosmetic creams
  •  Medical creams


3-  Home care

  •  small bar of soap
  • disposable shower cap
  • small bottle of moisturizer
  •  small bottles of shampoo and conditioner
  •  toilet paper
  •   box of facial tissue
  • face towels
  • disposable shoe polishing cloth